About this project

The adcc project was initiated in 2016 at Heidelberg University, where most initial development took place. This first version of the code was heavily inspired by the adcman package by Michael Wormit et. al.. Even thought the structure of adcc has changed a lot since the early days, the code in its current stage would have been impossible without being able to rigorously test and compare against adcman along the way.

A good overview of adcc and its features can be found in [HSF+20].


TODO Overview of features (scrape from calculations file) A few words of the philosophy


We kindly ask all users of adcc, who find the package useful for their research to cite the adcc paper [HSF+20] in their publications.

Contact us

You found a bug? Something is not working? You have a great idea about a possible feature for adcc? The primary place to discuss such issues about adcc is our issue page on github. Alternatively you can also reach us by mail (developers@adc-connect.org).