libadcc.make_symmetry_operator(arg0: libadcc.MoSpaces, arg1: str, arg2: bool, arg3: str) libadcc.Symmetry

Return the Symmetry object for an orbital subspace block of a one-particle operator

mospaces MoSpaces object space Space string (e.g. o1v1) symmetric Is the tensor symmetric (only in effect if both subspaces

of the space string are identical). False disables a setup of permutational symmetry.


The cartesian function according to which the operator transforms.

Valid cartesian_transformation values include:

“1” Totally symmetric (default) “x”, “y”, “z” Coordinate axis “xx”, “xy”, “yz” … Products of two coordinate axis “Rx”, “Ry”, “Rz” Rotations about the coordinate axis